It May be Cost Effective to Rent Furniture for your Apartment

Whether you are an executive on a short term assignment, a student attending a local school or just getting started, renting furniture for a rental home or apartment is less than you think. For short term stays, it may pay to rent rather than moving your own furniture.

Furniture Rental Basics

You can rent quality furniture, including brand name furniture from Basset, Broyhill and other high quality manufacturers, at an affordable price.

Furniture rental companies offer flexible and fast service. Most time, you can have your furniture delivered within 48 hours.

Renting furniture provides flexibility. You can rent one piece of furniture or a completely furnished suite including furniture, housewares, electronics and prints. Generally, you can structure your lease term to meet your needs.

Budget-oriented Furniture Rentals

Furniture rental companies offer affordable options that cater to the budget minded student and starting professional. A studio apartment can be furnished for about $100. Students and military personnel discounts are available from many furniture rental companies.

Executive Furniture Rentals

Though more expensive, high quality furniture is also available to meet the needs of corporate executives on short term stays as well as families renting while their new home is being built. In addition to furnishings, corporate packages also include TVs, VCRs, linens, kitchen and bath supplies All you need to do is make one call and move clothes and personal items.


The next time you need to move into an apartment or rental home, compare the cost of moving and renting furniture.