4 Walls Pay Per Prospect Option Offers the Best of Both Worlds

Is Pay Per Prospect right for my community?

For many apartment communities, Pay Per Prospect is the right solution because it offers you a low cost per lead and a low maximum cost per month:

  • $12 for unique contacts from interested renters

  • $120 maximum per month

  • All leads after the first 10 are free

  • Highly qualified leads

  • No long term commitments

  • New listings only

When is Pay Per Prospect not my best option?

If you consistently have more than 7 leads per month, you can save money by switching to our Subscription Plan.

Pay Per Prospect Details

Only pay $12 for unique contacts from interested renters. We only charge you for email leads and phone calls over 10 seconds. If you get a second call from the same phone number during the month, you won't be charged for that call.

Never pay more than $120 per month. We realize you don't need any surprises. We cap our listing fees at $120 so you'll never go over budget.

We don't take your listings down after you reach 10 leads. All leads after the first 10 are on the house.

Highly qualified leads. You can expect most of your leads to come from our 4 Walls site. Your prospects will have the opportunity to learn the most about your rents, amenities and neighborhoods as well as browse all your media including photos, floor plans, virtual tours and videos on a traditional Internet Listing Service. Most social media sites do not offer this level of detailed information.

No long term commitments. After our three month minimum, you can cancel anytime with 30 days written notice.