Trouble logging in?

We have had reports of some users experiencing difficulties logging in.  Most often this is due to the Internet Explorer browser blocking the cookies which store your login information.  If you have difficulty logging in, please make sure your browser is not blocking cookies from our website.  The following link has excellent step by step instructions on how to do this in all versions of internet explorer.

IMPORTANTWhen following the above instructions, make sure to add to your sites, and not, as the page indicates.

There have been very occasional instances of users still cannot log in with Internet Explorer even after adjusting their cookie settings.  If you have followed the above instructions, and still have problems, we have found that installing the Google Chrome Frame addon to internet explorer will allow you to log in.

Google Chrome Frame is an addon for Internet Explorer written by Google to enable use of advanced web technologies in the Internet Explorer browser, as well as fix a number of bugs which Microsoft has refused to address.  Google built this so they could use these technologies in their websites such as Gmail without worrying about browser versions.

To install Google Chrome Frame, Click Here and follow the simple instrucitons.