Holiday Gifts for Your Landlord or Property Manager

You like your apartment. It's in great shape, it's fairly priced, and if there's a problem, it's always fixed quickly. Not only that, but your landlord or property manager is always ready with a smile and a kind word.

It's the holiday season, so naturally you'd like to tell her 'thank you.' Here are some ideas:

  • Drop off flowers or a plant. They don't cost much, and your landlord or property manager can use them to brighten up the office.
  • Send a gift card. You might not know much about her taste, but most people love a little help with groceries, gas, or alcohol.
  • Donate to charity in her name. If you know her favorite cause, fantastic; if not, go for big charities like UNICEF or the Red Cross. Make sure to send her a card confirming the donation.
  • Make something. Do you knit? Paint? Draw? Cook? Make jewelry? Nothing beats a gift made from scratch.

Renting for Pet Lovers

Locating a pet-friendly apartment takes time, organization and negotiating skills. Here are some tips to make the process easier.

Check Out Pet-Friendly Places. If a community doesn't allow pets, don't bother trying to convert them. Stick to animal lovers!

Smaller May Be Better. Individual home or condo owners may be easier to persuade than big management companies.

Be Honest. Don't risk an eviction notice: the property manager or landlord will find out about your pet, so always disclose it.

Get References. Have your previous landlord, friends, or family vouch for your pet's behavior. Get a letter from the vet certifying your pet's health and vaccinations.

Introduce Your Pet. A cute face is hard to refuse!

Get it in Writing. Be sure that terms like increased security deposit, pet rent, etc. are clearly spelled out in your lease.

The Humane Society can help guide you to pet-friendly places across the country.