What is Respage, Anyway?

Respage reduces the time it takes to manage multifamily social media initiatives. While it's best for apartment professionals to manage social media initiatives in house, sometimes it's simply not realistic or as cost effective to do everything yourself. We're here to help you use social media to connect with your community, improve SEO and increase resident retention.

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The True Cost Of Free Social Media Marketing

This post is also inspired by Jen Piccotti's contribution, “Resident Retention: Dare I Say It – Don't Believe the Hype.”

Whether you spend 5 or 30 minutes a day, don't think for one minute that your social media marketing initiatives are free. While there are no out-of-pocket expenses, the opportunity cost of your staff's time is very real—so it pays to carefully measure the true cost of social media.

For example, let's assume that you employ a property manager named Sue, whom you pay $50,000 per year. To simplify this example, let's assume the direct payroll cost is about $25 per hour. (And yes, since this isn't taking into consideration any indirect costs like benefits, equipment, or supervisory costs, it is far less than the true cost of Sue's time). If Sue spends 5 minutes a day on social media efforts, it's costing you about $50 per month. That is perhaps enough time to keep up with Twitter and Facebook, but it is certainly not enough time to write blog posts.

If Sue is like I am, she is a good salesperson and manager, but wasn't an English major. If she needs to blog on behalf of the property, it will take her a significant amount of time to write it. (This post will take me 45 minutes when all is said and done). Even if you've told her to go find content that can be reposted freely, that will still take 10-15 minutes. If she adds a photo, that will take even more time. Just make sure she knows how to distinguish between open source and copyright protected images.

I agree with many people in these forums that ideally, social media should be done in-house. But many of us don't live in an ideal world. Even cursory financial analysis reveals that social media marketing is not free, and when a blog is involved, the costs can really add up. Perhaps this is why so many people have investigated outsourcing some (e.g. only blog content development) or most (posting, blog maintenance, content development, social media monitoring) of their social media marketing.