4 Walls CEO Ellen Thompson Featured in Bloomberg Businessweek

4 Walls CEO Ellen Thompson was featured in this Bloomberg Businessweek article about business mentors. As part of the DreamIt business accelerator program, Thompson was paired with Postling, an online service that helps small businesses manage their social media presence. 4 Walls uses the Postling platform to serve our clients more efficiently, which has helped us continue our pace as one of the Delaware Valley's fastest-growing companies.

If You Require Social Media Activity, Will Site People Follow Through?

Mark Juleen posed the question, “Is 30 minutes too much to ask?” when it comes to site people devoting time to social media, in response to Jen Piccotti's post “Resident Retention: Dare I Say It – Don't Believe the Hype.”

Whether the answer is 5 minutes or 30 minutes, without a way to monitor whether people are actually putting effort in, you'll have no way to know that social media tasks are being done in a timely, cost effective manner—let alone at all.

Even in my own personal experience, social media is one of the first things I let slide on days when proposals, sales presentations, travel, and time sensitive tasks get in the way. I have a lot more flexibility with my day than the average on site person, and since I own my own business, I put in more hours than many. However, there are days when I don't even have enough time to pen a tweet (and believe me, it's not that I'm inefficient or lack commitment).

As you roll out social media initiatives, don't forget to put a system in place to measure social media input. If you don't hit your social media efforts goals, these systems will let you know that it wasn't because people simply didn't do the work.

Ideally, put technology in place that lets you monitor posts, comments, and mentions for all your sites from one login. I'm sure there are many ways to go, but at 4 Walls, we use Postling.com (and we recently invested when they were looking for funding). You can contact Dave Lifson (Dave@Postling.com), for a free trial, so you can see how this tool works for yourself.