Announcing 4 Walls Property Websites

4 Walls already brings you the best in listings, blogs, content, and social media tools. Now we're using our expertise to help your community build a compelling front door on the web: 4 Walls Property Websites.

Our websites are easy to navigate, mobile ready, and designed for search engine optimization. They're easily integrated with your marketing and social media, and depending on the features you choose, residents can use the sites to pay rent, refer friends, or meet their neighbors.

We've worked with the multifamily industry since 2002, so we know there's no such thing as a one-size-fits-all solution. That's why we let you choose the packages, templates and supporting tools that work for your business.

Learn more about 4 Walls Property Websites here.

Introducing Respage Express

Got the hang of social media, but need a helping hand?

Try Respage Express, our self-service tool. It lets you post social media updates, monitor multiple accounts, manage your reputation and perform analytics, all from our easy-to-use content management system.

Check out the slides below to learn more about how Respage Express can help you:


Respage Survey Reveals Most Multifamily Social Media Engagement Is ‘Transactional’

One of Respage's great features is its hand-scored reputation management system. For two months, Respage has categorized over 3500 social media comments and mentions for its clients using our content moderation services.

After crunching the numbers, we've discovered that most social media mentions in the multifamily industry are neither positive nor negative. They're 'transactional.'

Want to learn more? Click here to read Ellen Thompson explain the numbers over at Multifamily Insiders.

How Can Respage Help Your Community?

Social media is one of the best ways to connect your community with current and future residents in places they already live: online, on Twitter, and on Facebook. Not sure how to get started with social media? Respage can help.

We've got years of experience in the Multifamily Industry and we're eager to use our expertise to help implement your social media initiatives. With features like brand reputation monitoring, content creation, and blog posting, our social media platform can help you engage with residents and prospects online.

Want to learn more about Respage? Check out the slideshow below:

What is Respage, Anyway?

Respage reduces the time it takes to manage multifamily social media initiatives. While it's best for apartment professionals to manage social media initiatives in house, sometimes it's simply not realistic or as cost effective to do everything yourself. We're here to help you use social media to connect with your community, improve SEO and increase resident retention.

Click here to watch our updated Flash presentation which highlights the many services and features that Respage offer you. With prices from $49-167, you can afford the help you need meet your social media goals.

Social Media Guidelines that Fit

It was just visiting weekend at my son's overnight camp in Maine, and since I have more energy than brains, we stayed at a resort in New Hampshire that is two hours from both the Manchester Airport and my son's camp.

New Hampshire's motto is “Live Free or Die,” a sentiment I personally subscribe to—although I know there are always exceptions to the rule. When it comes to debates some of us are having about social media guidelines, even with my leanings toward the Granite State's slogan, I think the average multifamily industry company will benefit from clearly defining and articulating its social media standards in an official policy.

I didn't always feel this way, but I recently changed my mind after hearing a good reason why one of our clients wasn't interested in maintaining a Facebook page. It turns out that they did have one, but decided to pull the plug after reviewing photos the staff had posted which were, in management's opinion, inappropriate. My guess is that the staff wasn't doing anything intentionally wrong, and that management is very conservative, but that is beside the point. The damage was done because unwritten, unknowable rules were broken.

Figure out what your company's standards are, codify them, and then communicate your guidelines to everyone. In some organizations, management can trust staff members to use their best judgment and everything will work out fine; however, marketing departments of publicly traded companies may not be able to get by risk management without an iron-clad policy. Like everything else, social media standards are not a one size fits all proposition.

Meet Respage, the Social Media Division of 4 Walls!

The newest division of 4 Walls, Respage is a social media marketing solution for the multifamily industry. Offering a turnkey service that uses social media tools to help property managers communicate with residents and enhance resident engagement, Respage uses a social media platform that includes a community blog, Facebook, and Twitter. The best part: Respage allows property managers to maintain a frequently updated online marketing program with a minimal investment of time. See below for a few samples of our blogs!