New LinkedIn Connectivity Tools Strengthen Your Network

After announcing substantial third quarter growth, LinkedIn is unveiling new connectivity tools that herald the site's arrival in social media's major leagues.

Companies can now post status updates on their LinkedIn pages. Similar to Facebook updates, these can be news, product information or links to relevant articles – anything the company wants its network to know. This creates a vital, real-time flow of information on a site devoted to corporate networking.

LinkedIn has also introduced a Group Statistics dashboard that allows administrators to track group demographics, member location, and week-by-week growth. The tool, a clear infographic display, allows businesses to target social media campaigns and judge their success.

LinkedIn Keeps Growing

LinkedIn, the social network dedicated to corporate networking and employment, now has 131 million members and over a million groups.

On October 31, LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner reported that 15 million users joined the service during the third quarter of 2011, a 63% increase over the same period last year. Revenue jumped to $139.5 million, a 126% increase in 12 months.

LinkedIn’s brand is rapidly spreading across the web. Their ‘share’ button is now on 180,000 domains, 40,000 more than the second quarter. There was also a marked increase in web developers using LinkedIn APIs.

A recent Forester poll confirms LinkedIn’s good news: it ranks them as the second most popular social network, behind Facebook and ahead of Twitter.