Got Renters’ Insurance?

Disasters can sneak up on you.

Perhaps you played a friendly game of cards with the Big Bad Wolf one Saturday night. He was a nice guy until he started losing, then he threatened to huff, puff and blow your apartment building down.

Lo and behold he tried. But he doesn't have the lung power he used to, and only a few shingles came off. Still, it rained on your stuff, and the smell of his breath got into your towels, carpets and bedsheets.

Your landlord's insurance policy will patch up the roof, but it won't pay to replace your collection of vintage Barbie dolls. Unless you have renters insurance, you're out of luck.

So get it. Today. And if you already have it, make sure your policy is current. Renters' insurance is offered by all major insurance companies, and it's usually quite affordable.

Enjoy the peace of mind, and good luck with the card game.