Holiday Gifts for Your Landlord or Property Manager

You like your apartment. It's in great shape, it's fairly priced, and if there's a problem, it's always fixed quickly. Not only that, but your landlord or property manager is always ready with a smile and a kind word.

It's the holiday season, so naturally you'd like to tell her 'thank you.' Here are some ideas:

  • Drop off flowers or a plant. They don't cost much, and your landlord or property manager can use them to brighten up the office.
  • Send a gift card. You might not know much about her taste, but most people love a little help with groceries, gas, or alcohol.
  • Donate to charity in her name. If you know her favorite cause, fantastic; if not, go for big charities like UNICEF or the Red Cross. Make sure to send her a card confirming the donation.
  • Make something. Do you knit? Paint? Draw? Cook? Make jewelry? Nothing beats a gift made from scratch.