Employee Spotlight: Meg Paolini

Meg Paolini

Writer & Content Editor

How long have you been with 4 Walls?
I started with 4 Walls in February 2013.

What’s a typical day like for you?
I split my time between two tasks. Some weeks I'm working on editing posts, and other weeks I'm working to create original content for specific markets or just general posts. Either way, I spend most of my time writing!

What’s the best thing about your job?
The best thing about my job is that I get to write, all day long. It feels like I'm visiting all these different cities, reading and writing about things to do and popular restaurants, without the cost of traveling. There is always something new to write about and research.

What do you do in your spare time?
In my spare time, I enjoy watching TV and movies as well as knitting and crocheting. It may seem like a hobby for people from another generation, but I love it.

What is an interesting or little-known fact about you?
I love baking and dream of opening a cupcake shop one day.