BREAKING: Google is Learning How to Think Like You

Type 'Queen' into Google.

Are you looking for information on the rock band? The Queen of England? The novel by Alex Haley? The street in Toronto?

You know the answer, but to Google, 'Queen' has equal value wherever it appears. But thanks to a new feature called Google Knowledge Graph, that's about to change.

Knowledge Graph, which begins rolling out to some users on May 16, streamlines your search by separating results into categories. A search for 'Queen' might create boxes for music, the monarchy, books, and Toronto, for example, and clicking on the appropriate box will narrow your search to that category.

In other words, Google is learning how to think more like you. Knowledge Graph is currently supported by a database on 500 million people, places, and things, and it uses 3.5 billion attributes and connections to identify them. The application will get 'smarter' as the rollout continues.