4 Walls Employee Spotlight: Meet Erin Finnerty

How long have you been with 4 Walls?
Since March 15, 2014, officially. I previously worked as a freelancer for about a month before coming on board part-time.

What's a typical day like for you?
My weekdays are spent at my regular gig – Staff Assistant to the Dean of a University of Pennsylvania medical school – and can be quite stressful and hectic, but generally rewarding. I also spend time during the week chipping away at content assignments, which is a thankful break from the hectic nature of my job (believe it or not!).

What's the best thing about your job?
The best thing about working with 4 Walls is the generous flexibility, which I've never experienced before, mostly working in offices in support roles. I've also enjoyed getting to know my colleagues remotely and am happy to have been warmly welcomed by a great community of creative thinkers.

What do you do in your spare time?
My husband and I have a 10-month old puppy, Maggie, and most of my time is spent taking her to the dog park, napping with her on the couch, watching movies and reading with her on the weekends. She's the best.

What is an interesting or little-known fact about you?
I'm great at baking pie and once won a pie contest, but my dirty secret is store-bought crusts. I am even better at eating pie. My dad managed a bakery in Detroit (my hometown) for most of my life, so that might be where it comes from.