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Are you volunteering for MLK day?

Are you volunteering for MLK day?


Are You Ready For Winter?

With severe weather around the corner, make sure to prepare your apartment for snow, ice, and everything Old Man Winter has to offer.

Make an Emergency Kit. It should have a flashlight, portable radio, extra batteries and basic first aid supplies.

Stay Warm. Stock up on blankets in case you lose power. Your apartment community will do everything it can to keep the power on, but sometimes things happen beyond its control.

Buy Food. Snowed in? Roads impassable? Keep non-perishable snacks on hand to get you through those long, hungry nights.

Get an Emergency Phone. It’s tough to keep your phone charged all day, so consider buying a low-cost, pay-as-you-go cell phone for emergency use. Charge it once for peace of mind all winter!

Property Spotlight: The Victor Apartments

Camden, NJ

Right in Camden — and offering breathtaking views of downtown Philadelphia — The Victor sets a new standard in luxury loft living. Situated in the magnificent RCA Victor Building, The Victor's transformed that landmark into spectacular luxury apartments. On-site retail, a three story fitness center, secured parking, a TV lounge, a sun deck, and a club room await as residents walk through The Victor's Grand Lobby. The Victor offers apartments ranging in size from studios and one-bedrooms to spacious two- and three-bedroom flooplans. Inside an apartment at The Victor, you'll find amenities like spacious oversized closets, fully-equipped gourmet kitchens, Euro-style cabinetry, high ceilings, huge windows, and exposed brick. You'll love to call The Victor home.

Learn more about The Victor Apartments in Camden, New Jersey.

Yes, You Need Renter’s Insurance

Don’t worry: your landlord has insurance. If a UFO crashes through the roof, his policy will fix it.

What it won’t do is replace your Barbie doll collection, that laptop ruined by the rain, or buy you a new pair of shoes.

Why? The roof is your landlord’s property, along with the fixtures, the floor, and the walls. His insurance protects the structure against damage.

Your property needs its own insurance policy. Without renter’s insurance, you’re stuck with losses.

We all hate to add another bill to the pile—but disasters can happen to anyone. So contact your insurance company today and ask them about renter’s insurance. Many companies offer discounts when it’s combined with car insurance or other policies.

A small monthly payment buys priceless peace of mind.

Time To Pay the Bills? Keep Your Roommates Happy!

You’ve got great roommates. They shower frequently, they take out the trash, they don’t blast showtunes at four in the morning… but when it’s time to pay the bills, people can get cranky. Here are some tips for a stress-free end of the month:

  • Stick to a plan. Is your roommate on the computer all day? Maybe they should take a bigger share of the electric bill. But if you’re all TV fans, divide the cable bill equally.
  • Have consequences. Make sure your roommates know what will happen if they’re late with the bills—or don’t pay them at all.
  • Appoint a secretary. Perhaps one person should remember the due dates, collect the money and send the checks. (For their trouble, you might want to offer them a reduction in rent or a good parking spot.) Or maybe each roommate should be accountable for a few bills.

Make sure your roommates know what to do and when to do it—and feel like they’re getting a fair shake. Then you’re guaranteed a peaceful, showtune-free night!

Property Spotlight: Dunwoody Station Apartments

Atlanta, GA

Located in Dunwoody and surrounded by the Marsh Creek Nature Preserve, Dunwoody Station offers a serene setting for the discerning professional that seeks the delicate balance between city living and tranquil haven to call home. With state-of-the-art amenities and a great location close to Buckhead, Dunwoody Station is unparalleled. Just minutes from Perimeter Mall, Dunwoody Station has convenient access to the best shopping and fine dining locations Atlanta, Georgia has to offer. Dunwoody Station is also walking distance to the North Springs Marta station; luxury living at its best!

Learn more about Dunwoody Station Apartments in Atlanta, GA.

My Roommate Left. Now What?

Maybe your roommate got a job in another city. Or they woke up this morning and decided to hitchhike to Peru. Or they got married in Vegas last weekend—and they’re not coming back.

You got left in the lurch. So who’s going to pay the rent?

Roommates on the lease are responsible to the landlord, not each other. So unfortunately, unless your roommate dies, you’re probably stuck with the rent. (The law forgives death in a few jurisdictions.) It’s up to the landlord, so choose your roommates wisely and toast their good health!

4 Walls CEO Ellen Thompson's Guide for Expats Looking to Rent Property in the United States

Click here to read 4 Walls CEO Ellen Thompson's recent article for ExpatArrivals.com. In her piece, titled "How to Rent a Property in the USA," she provides a step-by-step guide for expats searching for accomodations in the United Stattes.

Will the Rent Really Go Up If I Sign Tomorrow?

If you've tried to rent an apartment from a large property management company, you may have been warned that the rent you've been offered might not be available tomorrow. Is the leasing person pressuring you with a hard selling technique, or could it possibly be true?

If the property is using Lease Rent Optimization (LRO) software, the answer is that the rent probably won't be the same. It may go up, but it also might be less. LRO software is the multifamily industry's version of revenue management software, also called yield optimization software. Revenue management software was first used to maximize revenue in the airline industry, but it is now used by hotels, rental car companies, and even inter-city bus companies.

If you live in Philadelphia, you've probably heard of the BoltBus, which also uses revenue management. On each trip, one ticket is offered from $1, and most tickets actually sell in the $5 – $25 range. The price varies depending on how far in advance you book your ticket, and how many people have already purchased theirs. Revenue management is now being explored in new industries, like the Philadelphia startup SeatGeek.com, which predicts with 85% accuracy whether sporting and event tickets available in the secondary market will go up or down. If you are looking for sold out Phillies tickets, you can imagine how handy that information might be.

LRO software works in a similar way. Rents are set using a complicated mathematic model that evaluates the current and upcoming availability of apartments within a community as well as rental demand. It turns out that rents end up being 1 – 2% more when they are set by a computer rather than by on-site property managers. Apartment owners provide homes to over 30 million families in the United States, but in the end they are in business to make money, and LRO software helps them do so. Unfortunately, apartments that are priced using LRO never include loss leader pricing, so don't expect to see apartments offered for $1 a month.

The reality is that most apartments haven't implemented this kind of solution because it is very expensive to use, so owners proceed with caution. However, a large number of local property managers are testing this kind of software, so you will continue to see more of them set new rents every day. So what's a renter to do?

The next time a leasing agent tells you that the rent might be higher if you come back later, don't be so sure they are using a closing technique to get you to sign. If you are offered terms from 1-13 months and the rents do not all end in 5, 9, or 0 (as they typically do since human beings set rents that look like $995, $999 and $1050), you are probably hearing the truth. The rent may not be the same tomorrow, but it isn’t likely to change dramatically, so if you're ready to sign on the dotted line, go ahead. But if you're not sure, don't feel pressured. Renting an apartment is a big financial commitment and it's better not to act in haste, even when there is some uncertainty about what the rent will be tomorrow.