Energy Saving Tips for Renters

As fall turns into winter and the temperature drops, many apartment renters find themselves turning on their heat once again. Turning on the heat means turning up energy costs, but has some tips to help you conserve energy and save money in your apartment home:

Use Your Thermostat Efficiently
If your apartment has a programmable thermostat, take some time to program it with the most energy efficient settings. The ENERGY STAR website has some helpful tips for programming thermostats properly. For example, the site recommends keeping the heat at a constant low throughout the day and again at night. If your apartment's thermostat is non-programmable, you should be sure to remember to turn the heat down when you'll be asleep or you won't be home.

Get Help from the Sun
By opening curtains, blinds, and drapes during the day, you can let sunlight in to help warm your space. Likewise, closing curtains at night can help keep cold air at bay. In the heat of summer, you can help your space remain cool by closing curtains and blinds during the day to keep out direct sunlight.

Make Other Energy Saving Changes
While you're planning to keep your apartment home warm in the most efficient way possible, it's also worthwhile to take some time to think about other energy saving changes you could make to help lower your utility bills. Some simple ways to conserve energy include taking showers rather than baths, unplugging televisions, stereos, and other electronic devices when you're not using them, and replacing incandescent bulbs with compact fluorescent light bulbs or LED bulbs.

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