How Healthy Is Your Air Conditioner?

It's June. Walk down the street and you can already hear the hum of air conditioners.

Some are — forgive us — cool customers, making people happy without killing their wallets. Others will make you poor and sick.

The difference? Filters. It's easier to circulate air through a clean filter, of course — and do you really want your AC unit forcing dust, pet dander, and other nasty things back into your apartment?

If you live alone with no pets, changing the filter every 6-12 months is sufficient. But if you have several roommates, at least one dog/cat, or allergies/asthma, every 45-90 days might be in order.

If the unit is yours, learn how to check the filter. If it's your landlord's responsibility, ask her. Because the money you spend on tissues and Sudafed is much better spent on beer.