Move In Day: Take Your Time With Paperwork

It's move-in day. You're sweating. The van is running outside. Your cat is nowhere to be found. The fridge contains half a bottle of Yoo-hoo and a block of cheese.

You sit with your PROPERTY MANAGER. She has a lot of papers.

PROPERTY MANAGER: . . . page 6b, local ordinance against wearing green on Friday . . .

YOU: Uh huh.

PROPERTY MANAGER: They're trying to repeal it. Initial there.

(You scribble on the line.)

PROPERTY MANAGER: Now page 6c, fines associated with attempting to recycle yogurt cartons . . .

(A horn honks outside. You look out the window. It seems your cat is in the moving van and is attempting to drive back to your previous address.)

YOU: Could we do this tomorrow?


YOU: I'll come to your office at 9 a.m. I, uh, just have a lot on my mind right now. I'll understand everything better then.

(You dash out the door, yelling for Mittens to be reasonable.)

There's a lot to do on move-in day, so call ahead to request your rental documents in advance. Go through them at your leisure, make note of your questions, then sign. When you hand in the lease, tell your property manager that you'd like to stop by the office for a chat.

A quiet, methodical trip through the details benefits you both: there's no stress or misunderstanding later!