How to Host a Summer BBQ at Your Apartment Community

Summer is a great time to get together with friends, family, and neighbors, but hosting an indoor party at your apartment can be challenging. With limited space and shared walls, having a large group over for a celebration can seem like it’s not an option — but, the warm weather means that you can move your gathering outdoors!

If you’re thinking about hosting a summer BBQ at your apartment community, keep these tips in mind to ensure that everything goes smoothly and everyone has a great time without disturbing residents.

  1. Do some prep and planning – Reserve a grill, let the property manager know that you’re planning on hosting a gathering in the common yard area, make sure your plans do not conflict with any property management policies, and let your neighbors know – or invite them!
  2. Have a start and end time – Send out an invite to let guests know about your outdoor party, and include a start and end time. Also, think about having a late afternoon gathering, instead of an evening party to ensure that you won’t disturb residents if the party runs past its end time.
  3. Prep food in advance – Make as much food as you can in advance so that you can remain outside with your guests for as much of the party as possible. Need some tasty, simple-to-make recipe ideas? How about Root Beer Baked Beans, Southwestern Pasta Salad, Make-Ahead Salsa, or Peanut Cole Slaw.
  4. Clean up – Ok, this may seem like a given, but make sure that you completely remove all party items, and make certain that all trash makes it into the proper receptacles. This is just common courtesy, plus it will ensure that all residents will continue to be allowed to host celebrations in common areas of your community!