Facebook Goes ‘Mobile First’

Recently we told you that Facebook is developing its own smart phone, a bold leap into the mobile market for the leading social network. While there's no sign of the phone yet, the company confirmed its new 'mobile first' direction this week by releasing revamped iPhone and iPad apps. The apps aren't just faster — they make it easier to display advertising, which is crucial as Facebook users increasingly migrate to mobile devices. Facebook Chief Engineer Mike Schropfer went as far as to tell The New York Times that the entire company has been 'retooled and refocused around mobile.'

Since Facebook is now a publicly-traded company, easy access to mobile advertising constitutes a major revenue stream. But what does it mean for advertisers? We don't know yet. We're inspecting the new apps and will let you know how to maximize their features.

For more on Facebook's new direction, click here.


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