Happy Birthday, Twitter!

“just setting up my twttr”

When Jack Dorsey wrote those words on March 21, 2006, he was starting a revolution. No, he wasn’t a bad speller; Dorsey was launching a new micro-blogging site called ‘Twttr,’ which promised to simultaneously post to/from mobile devices and the web. Six years later we know it as Twitter, and it’s revolutionized real-time communication, becoming an important venue for breaking news and becoming a worldwide living room, of sorts, for major events. This year’s Super Bowl, for example, saw a 300 percent rise in tweets per second compared to last year’s game.

How does it add up? Twitter currently counts 140 million active users, an increase of 40 million in the past six months. The site averages 340 million tweets per day, and Twitter and Facebook received an equal number of mentions on the Super Bowl broadcast.

In other words, Twitter is no longer a niche project. If your business isn’t tweeting, it might be time to start. Jack Dorsey’s five little words have hit the mainstream.


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