Facebook Rolls Out Timelines

Facebook has begun rolling out its Timeline feature, which will radically change how your profile looks and operates.

Where profiles are currently “snapshots” of your activity and interests, Timelines are closer to scrapbooks of your entire life. They feature archives of your most important Facebook activity (based on likes and comments) since joining the site, sortable through a year-by-year interface that begins at birth. You can also complete the picture by adding events to the Timeline.

It’s important to note that your Timeline is a “smart” feature—that is, it will mine Facebook for things you may have forgotten about. Did you upload baby pictures a few years ago, or snapshots from that Cinco de Mayo party in college? Your Timeline will find and publish them. To combat privacy concerns, Facebook is giving users seven days to curate the feature before it goes public.

Timelines are currently restricted to web developers and users in New Zealand, but the rollout is expected to reach the U.S. within a year.


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