My New Year's Resolution: I Will Read the Fine Print

I posted an employment ad on Craigslist today. The final sentence warned all applicants that they would not be considered unless they successfully completed three easy steps: reply to the email in the ad, attach a resume, and include a cover letter as the body of the email.

With unemployment hovering near 10%, you'd think that almost everyone would follow instructions. But sadly, at least 25% of the emails will arrive without any text in the body, and only about 10% of applicants will make any attempt to customize the cover letter to demonstrate enthusiasm to work for my company or in the position advertised. And guess what happens to those bodiless inquiries? I delete them on the spot.

The moral of the story is, whether you are reviewing a help wanted ad, an employment agreement, or a services contract, for best results, read the fine print. Otherwise, you may end up with unintended consequences, like not being considered for the perfect job. Worse yet, you may miss a non-compete you didn't bargain, be stuck paying for another twelve months of service with a vendor you can't stand anymore, or be surprised when a web marketing vendor doesn't hand over code you thought you paid for.

I get overwhelmed with things to read, but when it's something that really matters, I resolve to read the fine print.


  1. Great Blog! I can do that.
    I do Property Management in St John’s

  2. Do you still post any employment opportunities on Craigslist? I have been keeping my eyes open for openings with 4Walls!

  3. Hi Amanda,
    Thank you for your interest in 4 Walls. We currently have one current open position for a Content Editor: